Suggested reading for the philosophically inclined

Anthropic Principle (Wikipedia)

Wheeler's Delayed Choice Experiment (Wikipedia)

Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser (Wikipedia)

A New Theory of the Universe (Robert Lanza, The American Scholar)

The Simulation Argument (Nick Bostrom, Oxford University)

Constraints on the Universe as a Numerical Simulation (Silas R. Beane et al, Cornell University Library Archive)

Why does the universe exist? (UIUC Department of Physics; interesting read though it begs the question posed here)

Conspiratorial cosmology – the case against the Universe (Jörg P. Rachen, Ute G. Gahlings, Cornell University Library Archive)

Is 'reality' unreal? Scientists work on a way to find out (Joel N. Shurkin, Inside Science News Service; lay summary of Beane's work)

Does the universe need a conscious observer for it to exist? (Quora discussion)

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